The History of iDry

Discover the story of iDry Ltd, where pioneering spirit meets modern-day innovation, crafting a legacy of comfort, sustainability, and accessibility in personal hygiene. Explore a tale of resilience and serendipity, as we unfold a new chapter in bathing solutions, transcending boundaries and touching lives globally. Your new bathing experience is just a breeze away.

The Dawn of a Revolutionary Invention

In the early 90s, a pioneering invention saw the light of day as the world's first body dryer was patented in 1991. Behind it was a spirited inventor whose brainchild was born out of the Apres Body Dryer Company. However, before his invention could touch the lives of the masses, dementia cruelly swept him away, causing a sudden halt in production despite its early promise.

iDry Body Dryer

A Twist of Fate: The Rebirth of a Dormant Vision

Fast forward to 2003, destiny had a unique plan in store for Gary Seale, who would soon find himself at the helm of a life-changing venture. Following a harrowing road traffic accident, traditional bathing became an ordeal for Gary. His path serendipitously crossed with Ryan Godwin, the son of the original inventor, during a casual meetup at a café in Bury. Little did they know, this chance encounter would reignite the flames of a paused legacy.

Ryan was still in possession of the original trademarks, while the essential injection mould tools were safely stored in a Blackpool warehouse. Realizing the boundless potential of the product for individuals like Gary, and the elderly who found conventional bathing methods challenging, a new alliance was formed. This spark of hope led to the birth of a new entity, iDry Ltd. Under their joint vision, production resumed in 2020, albeit with modest beginnings.

iDry Body Dryer

The Rise of iDry Ltd

The rebirth of this innovative product was nothing short of a catalyst, propelling iDry Ltd onto a trajectory of remarkable growth. The year 2021 marked a significant milestone as iDry Ltd strategically acquired a competitor, further solidifying its foothold in the market. The journey didn't stop at the shores of the UK; iDry Ltd bravely ventured into international waters, exporting its innovative body dryers globally.

Their relentless pursuit of sustainability alongside innovation earned them a coveted spot as finalists in the 2023 Plastic Industry Awards. This recognition not only mirrored their commitment to environmentally responsible practices but also heralded iDry Ltd's emergence as a reputable player in the industry.

iDry Body Dryer

Your Gateway to a Revolutionary Bathing Experience

iDry Ltd's voyage from a humble innovation to an international name is an inspiring narrative of resilience, vision, and unwavering faith. Today, as they continue to redefine the bathing experience, they stand as a testimony to the boundless possibilities that lie in the face of adversity.

Should you have any inquiries or seek further information regarding iDry Ltd and its remarkable journey, feel free to reach out. Your gateway to a revolutionary, sustainable, and inclusive bathing experience awaits!

Begin Each Day with the Warmth of iDry

Our signature iDry Body Dryer seamlessly blends into any bathroom environment, thanks to its range of elegant color choices. Each hue has been thoughtfully selected to not only look stunning but also to embody a particular aesthetic and ambiance. Which one resonates with you?

Pure White

Pure White


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