Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

It's not easy living with motor neurone disease (MND), but iDry can help to make life more comfortable.

Helping those with MND

The iDry assists those with conditions such as MND, allowing them a more independent and dignified drying experience. Able to dry your whole body completely in under two minutes, the iDry is a safe and effective solution that an electrician can easily install in under half an hour.

Use the offer code MND2022 to receive 15% off your iDry, and we'll donate 5% of the profit to the MND Association.

How the iDry helps

Increased independence

Individuals who may be too weak to towel dry may have required assistance in the past, increasing discomfort and making individuals feel their autonomy is lost. The iDry, however, requires little to no assistance reinstating a feeling of independence and dignity.

Gentle on skin

Temperatures are moderated to ensure the air is suitable for all users. It is also ideal for sensitive skin conditions as it will not trigger any discomfort. The speed of the air has also been moderated to ensure it is gentle and not too harsh.

Reduce injury

Installed within shower cubicles, users do not have to navigate the bathroom to find the driers and risk injury. One of the largest causes of injury and hospitalisation amongst the elderly is slipping, which can be avoided and decreased significantly.

Review of the iDry

Join the drying revolution

iDry has been designed with sustainability in mind. Made using high quality, durable materials, our body dryer will stand the test of time. By choosing iDry, you're not only saving water and energy — you’re saving money too. Using an average of 0.15 kilowatts of energy per 3 minute cycle, the iDry body dryer costs as little as 2p per use. Cheap to run and easy to maintain, the financial savings of iDry will have you floating on air.

Find out how the iDry can help you

Use the the code MND2022 to get 15% off your iDry & 5% of profits are donated to MND research.

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