Gentle Drying for Sensory Sensitivities – iDry and Emma's Story

Gentle Drying for Sensory Sensitivities – iDry and Emma's Story

Discover how the iDry in-shower body dryer transformed bath time for Emma, a 12-year-old with autism. With its gentle, hands-free drying, iDry reduced her anxiety and made post-shower routines enjoyable. Read Emma's story now!


The iDry is a cutting-edge in-shower body dryer designed to provide a quick, efficient, and gentle drying experience. It eliminates the need for towels, drying the body in just three minutes. This innovative product is particularly beneficial for individuals with sensory sensitivities. This case study explores how iDry significantly improved the daily life of Emma, a 12-year-old girl with autism.


Emma, a 12-year-old from Manchester, UK, has autism and experiences sensory sensitivities. The texture and process of towel drying are uncomfortable and distressing for her, often leading to anxiety and resistance during bath time. Emma’s parents, Jane and Michael, were searching for a solution to make post-shower drying a more pleasant experience for their daughter.

The Challenge

Emma faced several difficulties related to her sensory sensitivities:

  • High Sensitivity to Touch and Texture The feel of towels on her skin was overwhelming and uncomfortable.

  • Anxiety and Distress The discomfort caused by towel drying often led to anxiety, making bath time a stressful experience for Emma and her family.

  • Resistance to Bathing Due to the distress associated with drying, Emma often resisted taking showers or baths.


The iDry in-shower body dryer provided an ideal solution to Emma's challenges. The iDry's gentle air drying and hands-free operation made it a perfect fit for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

Key Features of iDry:
  • Gentle Drying Provides a soft, even air flow that is comfortable on sensitive skin.

  • Hands-Free Operation Allows users to dry themselves without any physical effort.

  • Even Air Distribution Ensures consistent drying from head to toe.

  • Adjustable Temperature and Intensity Customisable settings for a comfortable drying experience tailored to Emma's needs.


After purchasing the iDry, Jane and Michael installed it in their bathroom with ease. The setup was straightforward, and Emma was given a gentle introduction to the device. Her parents demonstrated how it worked and adjusted the settings to ensure Emma's comfort.


The impact of the iDry on Emma's daily routine was transformative:

  • Reduced Anxiety and Discomfort The gentle air drying significantly reduced the discomfort Emma felt with towels, making post-shower drying a soothing experience.

  • Improved Bath Time Experience Bath time became a less stressful and more enjoyable activity for Emma and her parents.

  • Increased Willingness to Bathe With the discomfort of drying removed, Emma became more willing to take regular showers, improving her overall hygiene and well-being.


Emma's mother, Jane, shared their positive experience: "Before we had the iDry, bath time was always a battle. Emma hated the feeling of towels on her skin, and it caused her a lot of distress. The iDry has been a wonderful addition to our bathroom. It dries her gently and comfortably, and she actually enjoys bath time now. It has made such a difference to our daily routine and Emma's happiness."


The iDry in-shower body dryer has proven to be a life-changing device for individuals like Emma. By offering a gentle, efficient, and sensory-friendly drying solution, iDry enhances the quality of life for those with sensory sensitivities. This case study demonstrates the significant impact that innovative products like iDry can have on improving daily living for individuals with autism and other sensory challenges.

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