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Every body is different, so exact drying times will vary from person to person. The average drying cycle takes 3 minutes, but can take slightly more or less depending on ambient room temperatures.

iDry was built to be accessible for all, no matter age or ability. Its air pressure remote is easy to operate, and can be positioned at the perfect height for you. Once you’ve turned it on, your work is done — let the dryer do the rest!

Yes — the dryer is suitable for all ages. Children should be supervised when using the dryer.

The standard size of the iDry is 205cm tall (including the foot, both legs, and the pod). The depth of the pod is 26.5cm.

Yes, the iDry can be cut to suit your space (or your height!) The dryer’s bottom leg can be reduced by up to 44cm. If adjusting the length of the dryer, avoid cutting across the tear drop pores.

Yes! The dryer has been designed to fit snugly in the corner of your shower cubicle or wet room.

No. Whilst the dryer itself is easy to fit (the pod is suspended from a wall bracket, which fixes to the wall with two screws), electrical installation needs to be completed by a qualified electrician. Water and electricity do not mix, and bathrooms tend to be, well, wet. For your own safety, please leave the wiring to the experts.

Yes! Our nationwide team of fitters are able to install the dryer in your bathroom. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Absolutely – we are always looking to work with showrooms, plumbing suppliers, and other businesses. If you’d like to become an iDry distributor, please get in touch via our contact page.

Installing the iDry is quick and simple for a electrician. It will cost about £290 (subject to survey).

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