The world's original full body after-shower dryer.

Discover a cleaner, quicker, and eco-friendly way to dry off. With iDry's innovative warm air technology, step out of the shower completely dry and refreshed. It's energy-efficient, gentle on your skin, and a greener alternative to traditional towel drying.

🌿 Eco-Friendly | 💨 Quick Drying | 🌸 Gentle on Skin | 🪛 Easy to Install

Our perks

3-year all-inclusive warranty

We’ll replace it with a new one

Warm gentle airflow

Dry in 3 minutes

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Why iDry?

iDry is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient drying experience for everyone. Here are some of the ways iDry can help you.

Comfort for Sensitive Skin
iDry provides a gentle and efficient drying solution, reducing the need for towel handling for those with sensitive skin.
Hands-Free Convenience
iDry offers a hands-free drying experience, ensuring comfort and ease for everyone.
Ease of Use
iDry is perfect for those who seek an easy, hygienic, and independent drying option.
Towel-Free Drying
If using a towel is a challenge, iDry offers a soothing warm air drying method, making post-shower routines simpler.
Safety and Comfort
Ensures a safe and comfortable drying experience without the need to balance on one foot or handle heavy towels.
Gentle Drying
Provides a gentle and effortless drying method for those in need of a softer touch.
Simplified Bath Time
Simplifies the drying process for parents managing young children after bath time.
Quick Drying for Active Lifestyles
Offers a quick and effective drying solution for active individuals after workouts or training sessions.

Clean. Safe. Effortless.

Our wall mounted, full body dryer fits neatly into your shower cubicle or wet room, and can be adapted to suit your individual requirements. By taking the effort out of drying, iDry is perfect for people with limited mobility or care needs. Its automated drying system allows users the privacy and the freedom to shower when they wish, and offers respite for carers. Drying has never been easier; just push a button, and let iDry do the rest.

As we age or face mobility challenges, even simple daily routines can become daunting tasks. Showering, a personal and essential ritual, shouldn’t be one of them. For those who find towel drying cumbersome or inaccessible, the iDry body dryer is the assistive device.

Using the iDry is as straightforward as it gets. No complicated procedures, no hassle. Just push a button, and let the warm, gentle air envelop you, drying you from head to toe. Experience the pinnacle of convenience and comfort with iDry.

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Everyone's Talking About iDry

Our iDry Body Dryer has not only captured the hearts of our users but has also garnered attention from leading media outlets and TV shows. It's not just a product; it's a revolution in personal care, and the media agrees.

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